Best Unlimited Talk and Text Plans

If you’re not a heavy data user (or use Wi-Fi a lot) you’re in the ‘talk and text’ category.  Whether you’re keen on keeping in touch with friends on the other side of the country or just the other side of the office, unlimited, catch-all talk and text cell phone plans can alleviate your worries about overages. Nearly every cell phone carrier offers some sort of unlimited talk and text plan so you can easily score a great price.

Best Cell Phone Plans, April 2018

Our pick of the best cell phone plans this month include:

  • FreeUP Mobile’s Unlimited 1GB plan which costs just $25 a month with no contract
  • Virgin Mobile’s Inner Circle plan which is currently priced at just $1/month for the first 6 months for eligible customers
  • T-Mobile’s ONE Plus International cell phone plan which comes with unlimited talk, text and data in more than 140 countries
  • MetroPCS 3 lines for $100 with unlimited data on all three lines
  • MintSIM with 10GB for $25/mo when you switch and pay for 3 months in advance

With thousands of ever changing cell phone plan combinations on the market at any one time, it can seem impossible to sort through them to find the best ones. That’s where WhistleOut comes in. We track all of these changes so we can spot the latest and best deals. This article is updated each month to help you find the best cell phone plan. You can also take a look at the weekly best cell phone deals or use our comparison tool to find the best plan for you.

When it comes to picking the best cell phone plan, here’s a simple check list.

  1. Do you need a new phone or are you keeping your old phone?
  2. If you are keeping your phone, is it unlocked?
  3. Do you really need unlimited data (it’s cheaper if you don’t)?
  4. Do you need unlimited talk and text?
  5. Are you after single line or multiple lines?
  6. Where you live and checking the coverage from each carrier.

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